What are the 5 Core principles of successful leadership?

18 February 2016 – Leadership Workshop

American Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Mentor Program

This is an exclusive Workshop by nordicvibe for members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden – Mentor program.


What is this workshop about?

Taking the Leadership roles has been one of my most rewarding parts of my career. It has also been the most challenging part – daunting even. Over the years I have learnt from my own experiences but also collected advice from inspirational leaders who I have had close contact with. I have boiled these down into the absolute most key principles that guide me – Core principles. When in a tough situation or dealing with a new challenge these pointers have helped me to lead successfully. Acting like a compass or guide.

The purpose of my workshop will be to share my Core principles with you and inspire you to start your own list. A list that will guide you through your Leadership journey. A journey I highly recommend that you take!

I am really looking forward to joining the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden mentor program to discuss this exciting topic.


Why should you attend?

(for Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden – Mentor program)

Attend if you want inspiration, concrete tips to help you be a more successful leader. It is particularly helpful if you are at the early stage of your leadership career.

What key questions will we answer?

What is the difference between a Manager and a Leader?
How to inspire and activate your people to achieve greater things?
How do you prepare for leadership?
How does a Team interact with a Leader?
How do you deal with the team dynamics?
What are the 5 Core principles of leadership that will give you the best chance of success in your role?

Leadership exercise

We will also run a short, fun, challenging leadership exercise at the workshop to demonstrate leadership principles in actions!
About me
I am passionate about developing, inspiring and leading other people to success.  In my current role as CEO and co-founder of nordicvibe I am responsible for coaching and training ambitious people on our Core Business Skills program – skills that lead to the commercial success of the individuals their organizations.
My commercial leadership experience comes from large organizations such as Arthur Andersen where I led audit teams, 3i plc – where I led M&A and Private Equity transactions, Specsavers where I led international commercial launches.  I work closely with StyrelseAkademien and sit on a number of boards – so I have experience of leadership as the Chairman.
I also have expedition leadership experience – having participated on scientific and charitable expeditions to Africa and Madagascar.
My most important leadership role?  Together with my wife Johanna –  guiding our two boys on their journey through life!


Ashley Tott




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