We ran a two step interactive training course for the incubator companies of Åkroken Business Incubator.

Goal: The purpose of the education was to directly increase the number of customers and business opportunities of the incubator businesses- to generate a x3 Return On Investment for the course.

How?  The model is based on training the key people in these companies to ask for more business and create more sales meetings/opportunities.

In our opinion every new business opportunity starts with a Pitch – a 60 second presentation of what you have to offer – and importantly what you want.

Step 1 of the course was to train intensively the individual Elevator Pitches of the participating companies.  This involved our Core Pitch model – training exercises, role plays and video recordings.  Critically we looked to motivate the team to seize every moment to pitch.  To dare to ask for what you want.

Step 2 was to increase their competence on LinkedIn and the Social Selling opportunities.  This was an intensive active exercise the involved all the companies improving their Social Selling Index on LinkedIn.  This in turn will lead to more sales meetings = more sales!

In 2016 we will follow up with the Incubator to review the progress with their pitches and also their LinkedIn work.


Here is a comment from one of the participants:

Screenshot 2015-12-16 14.08.12