Many people send contact requests without writing a personal message.  This takes the Social out of Social selling!  So please always, always write a personal message when you ask someone to join your network.  In particular when you are connecting digitally – i.e. you have not met them in person.

But how do you do this on the mobile?  I am often asked by customers about this as they press the connect button without realising that you can actually personalise the message on the phone.  Watch this video as I show you how it works:

Building your LinkedIn network digitally is a critical success factor for your Social Leadership and Social Selling activity.  A broad, deep network will result in more exposure for your posts and also more contacts for you and your team to write to.  It is a key.

So do not be afraid to write to people you have not met – but that have a clear reason for connecting with you.  As long as you write a personal message!

Start personalising your LinkedIn invite on the mobile app – now! Video tips.

Ashley Tott 

Founder nordicvibe

LinkedIn Coach

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