Last week I had the absolute pleasure to speak at Umeå University for the Swedish Network for International Health – conference on careers in Public Health.  Thanks again to Hedi Katre Kriit for organising the event and inviting me.  I have summarised some follow up tips for those of you who attended and am also announcing the winner of the LinkedIn comment competition:

Tip 1:  Say thanks to people who do things for you

This is Hedi’s link to her profile.  If you think she (or any of the board members of the SNIH) did a great job organising the event – Endorse her for Event Management or write a recommendation for her work. (Just now Hedi has SNHI as a volunteer cause so write the recommendation under her current job – and make it clear it links to the SNHI work.)

Always take the chance to say thanks to people who do a good job.  Be genuine.  LinkedIn is a great way to say thanks as it remains on the persons profile and really helps them.

Tip 2: Publish a post

I did not have time to cover this last week but all of you have a fantastic knowledge you have built up from your University course.  Write an article on your LinkedIn profile – showing what your know.  See it as a publishing platform for your thesis or university essays for example.

Here is a great example of a published post about getting a job in Public Health (i.e. you are the customer to the article).

What you need to now do is work out who you want to read the article and design it in a similar way to how he wrote his post.  Have the customer in mind and provide useful information.

This is an article about health care needs in poorer countries which is also useful for you to read:

”Matching public health innovators with the countries that need them” by @GAVISeth

Tip 3:  Write comments and have digital conversations

Many of you wrote a comment on my post last week.  I was really happy for this and you made some super points too.  Made it difficult for me to choose a winner!  Writing like this (which does not cost much) will reinforce your relationship with me (the author) and also my/your network as it is public.

I have chosen Maria del Pilar Murillo Angarita’s comment as the winner.  Congratulations Maria!  Please contact me on LinkedIn to arrange your Skype coaching session on LinkedIn.

It really summarised what we were trying to do in a very positive way.  This lifts people.  Just remember to tag people people when you write a comment so the person knows you have made it.

You can read Maria’s comment here: (along with all the others which were of a really high standard).


Thanks again everyone!


Ashley Tott


LinkedIn tips to boost to your ”Career in Public Health” – Umeå University

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