Is this pitch any good? No – its f****ing great!

What are our top 5 learnings from this great pitch?

1 Have fun

Pitching is fun – so have fun when you pitch!  If you can make people smile or laugh  – you get their attention.  These guys have absolutely perfected this – and it is clearly aimed at their target group.

2 Be different

A key part of pitching is explaining very clearly to the target group why you are different from the competition.  In this example the pitch itself is different – by definition.  Explaining how the product is different to the competition.

3 Customer value

They explain the value proposition to the customer very clearly and the tag line of ”Shave time – shave money” says it all.

4 Use of questions

Questions are one of the easiest ways to improve your pitch.  They just work.  Look at this pitch again and see how they use them.

It starts right at the beginning ”What is”.

5 Keep it short

This pitch packs a lot in 90 seconds.  Use your airtime in a pitch wisely and then get to the CTA – or Call To Action.  Isn’t it time you….?


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