nordicvibe CoreNegotiation™

Our negotiation training, coaching and consulting is guaranteed to deliver you and your team results.  It is also great fun!


Discover how nordicvibe Core Negotiation can help you and your team


A trained person in nordicvibe Core Negotiation will close more deals, with better terms.  Our customers often achieve payback on the course within days and weeks of working with us.  Can you afford to not work with us?

Save Time and Money

With our tool set and support you will learn the key –  Core – techniques necessary to reduce the time to close a win-win deal.


Our fun and interactive training enables you to build confidence in using the Core techniques.  This means you are more likely to negotiate when opportunities arise and also enjoy the experience.

Positive impact

Our role play and scenario training builds familiarity with the negotiation situations.  This makes it easier for you to focus on the people and creating a positive impact and supporting long term relationship building.


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