Do you know what H2H is and why it is so important?

There is no more B2C or B2B – just H2H – or Human 2 Human.

This is a great Slideshare by Gabor Pap highlighting the importance of this mindset.  We use this teaching when working with Elevator Pitch and Sales.
It is also equally important when working with your Online pitching too and Social Selling.  LinkedIn is a great example to have this in mind.

Our top3 take outs from this great Slideshare:

1. Think H2H – understand this concept and let it steer your thinking.

How will your next LinkedIn post or Elevator Pitch be Human 2 Human?

2. Start – Middle – End.

Stories work like this and Human’s love stories.  This also helps your pitch work.
  • What is the Start problem you are identifying?  In other words the customer Need or issue.
  • How will you solve this?  Do you have the answer?  Stickiness as Gabor says.
  • End it – bring in people to help you solve it.


3. Show empathy

Empathize with the person you are Pitching to, or the people you are writing you LinkedIn post to.  Understand their issues – or at least try to see it from their perspective.  Work in a human way to interact and define the problems.

Daniel Pink has views on this subject – in that you need to be a problem finder – first – before you are a problem solver.